How We Invest
Investment Strategy

Mint Capital focuses on making expansion stage investments in rapidly growing companies that generally have positive operating cash flow and annual revenue of USD 10 - 100 million at the time of investment.

Mint Capital seeks to acquire significant minority stakes, generally above 20%, or controlling stakes in portfolio companies on its own or with co-investors allowing us to take an active role in the strategic development of such companies and to be represented on their board of directors. The investment size is normally several USD million over the lifetime of the investment.

Mint Capital invests primarily in companies that were founded post 1991 and that have been privately owned throughout their history. The region boasts a growing number of entrepreneurs who have built successful companies over the last five to ten years. These emerging companies, most often still owned and managed by their founder entrepreneurs, are in a good position to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the expanding Russian economy. Mint Capital invests in such emerging companies with new assets such as brands, distribution networks, efficient production, customer base and modern management. We seek to avoid start-up risk and overly regulated industries, but are opportunistic in terms of industry focus as long as our key investment criteria are present.

A target company’s management, market position, size and growth prospects are typically more important than the sector per se in determining the attractiveness of the opportunity. We believe that media, consumer goods and services (including financial services), and retail present attractive investment opportunities. We see interesting prospects in manufacturing, primarily in higher value added import substitution and making supply chains more efficient. Business services are generally underdeveloped and this is an area where we also foresee opportunities, including in logistics, distribution and IT services.

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